Cardinal UHP provides specialized services such as: electropolishing, specialty cleaning, passivation, clean room packaging, kitting, materials management, machining, welding, assembly, fabrication, heat tracing, insulation, mechanical polishing, and deburring.

Since 1983 Cardinal UHP has supplied a variety of industries with specialty piping components and services. We introduced multiple best-practice methods that are now recognized as industry standards. Cardinal continues to be the industry leader in precision electropolishing and specialty cleaned piping components as well as specification development and validation.

Cardinal’s business continues to expand. Using our core competencies in high purity materials science and manufacturing, we are now providing a variety of specialty services in new markets such as medical, food processing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and telecommunication. The combination of our experience, ISO 9001:200 registered quality management system, and commitment to customer value make Cardinal the preferred choice for your specialty service requirements.


Electropolishing creates a smooth and clean surface that enhances corrosion resistance and reduces particle entrapment in microscopic crevices. With our innovative and proprietary process, Cardinal Systems greatly increases the ability to deliver quality electropolished components for dependable performance in any critical system.

Cardinal’s electropolishing creates a leveling action so effective that a finished surface often has only one tenth the surface area of a mechanically or chemically polished part. The electropolished part will have improved corrosion resistance and appearance.

Nitric acid passivation provides improved corrosion resistance, even if the part is not electropolished. We control pH, temperature, flow, suspended contaminants, and time in our passivation process to maximize the effectiveness of the passivated finished part. We can effectively passivate a wide variety of products including long lengths of coiled tubing.

Cardinal Systems offers a range of services including cleaning for oxygen service and specialized cleaning to customer specifications requiring solvent and heated deionized water processing.

With the capability to work with most metals, Cardinal’s experienced craftsmen and engineers can design and fabricate components to your specifications such as special fittings, gas manifolds, containment systems, pipe-to-tubing transitions, and cut-to-length tubing.

Mechanical Polishing
Mechanical polishing uses abrasive materials to deburr and reduce surface irregularities. This can be done to inside and outside surfaces. Passivating after fabrication and mechanical polishing restores the passive layer of the original base material.

Clean Room Packaging
In addition to providing cleaning services we also provide packaging services such as kitting, capping, bagging, double bagging and sealing in our 2500 ft2 Class 10 (ISO Class 4) clean room environment.

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