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Chemically polished long continuous coils of low Ra seamless 316L SS tubing.
Used for long runs of general high purity systems, such as high grade analyzer lines, compressed dry air, argon, nitrogen and other inert bulk gas services intermediate welding and joints can be eliminated.
  • Average surface roughness of 15µin and 20µin maximum.
  • Controlled sulfur for consistent weldability.
  • Low particulate cleaning.
  • Cleaned to ASTM G93-96 Level A.
  • Exceeds CFOS CGA G4.1 cleaning.
  • Fully passivated with nitric acid.
  • Coil is rinsed with DI water, purged with filtered nitrogen, capped and double bagged in heat sealed polyethylene.
  • Final cleaning and bagging in ISO Class 7 cleanroom.
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