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Cardinal UHP has been supplying a variety of industries with specialty piping components and services for over 30 years. We introduced multiple best practice methods that are now recognized as industry standards.

Cardinal continues to supply the finest in ultra high purity fittings and piping components to manufacturers and industries requiring critically pure production systems. We also supply a wide range of tubing and specialty services for other markets including medical, food processing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and telecommunication.

Our ISO 9001 quality system begins with the specifications for raw materials and continues through to packaging, delivery and support of the finished product. Quality starts with a finished product specification. To meet customer needs Cardinal UHP offers products to a variety of material and finish specifications with various levels of documentation.

Raw material specifications are developed to provide the lowest cost product that meets or exceeds the finish and elemental specification. Extensive inspection of the raw material insures a finished product that meets the specified requirements. Mechanically polishing fittings after bending and welding provides an excellent base for the final electropolishing and passivation steps.

Controlled electropolishing and passivation provide a smooth, clean and chromium enriched corrosion resistant surface. The finished product is cleaned one last time in our ISO Class 4 clean room, tested and packaged according to specification before it is ready to ship.

It is our consistent attention to detail at all phases from commercial review to manufacturing and sales support that turn a concept of quality into reality.