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Electropolished welded and seamless 316L SS tubing and fittings.
Used for ultra-high purity gas distribution systems.
  • Electropolished to average 7µin Ra and 10µin Ra maximum or optional 5µin Ra average and 7µin maximum Ra.
  • Controlled sulfur for consistent weldability.
  • Low particulate cleaning.
  • Cleaned to ASTM G93-96 Level A.
  • Exceeds CFOS CGA G4.1 cleaning.
  • Fully passivated with nitric acid.
  • Rinsed with 60°C DI water, purged with filtered UHP nitrogen, capped and double bagged in heat sealed polyethylene.
  • Final cleaning and bagging in ISO Class 4 cleanroom.
  • Helium leak, particle count, SEM and XPS batch testing with Certificate of Conformity.
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