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Bright annealed chemically cleaned and passivated Hastelloy® C22 tubing and fittings.
Hastelloy® C22 – a nickel chromium alloy is extremely resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion and is used for high purity distribution of highly corrosive gasses.
  • Surface roughness of 20 µin Ra.
  • Chemically polished and passivated in nitric acid.
  • Rinsed with 0.1 µ filtered 18 Megohm 60°C DI water.
  • Dried with 0.005 µ filtered 120°C Nitrogen.
  • Individually double bagged in heat sealed polyethylene.
  • Verified particle and moisture testing.
  • Final cleaning and packaging performed in a Class 10 cleanroom.
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