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Cardinal tubing is widely used in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing, biotechnology, and telecommunication industries because of the high degree of purity and low surface roughness. We produce tubing to seven different specifications providing economic solutions for everything from instrumentation and non-critical gasses.

Standard sizes range from 1/8" through 4" single wall tubing with electropolished surface roughness as low as Ra 5µin / 0.13 µm in 316L SS and Hastelloy C22. We produce tubing with the full range of cleanliness specifications from T/C cleaning to double bagging and capping tubing to SEMI specification in our class 10 clean room.

Cardinal also produces a complete range of coaxial dual containment tubing and fittings, which provide safe distribution of volatile and toxic gasses. In the unlikely event of a leak in the process tube the hazardous gas/fluid is evacuated for safe disposal.

Cardinal now manufactures electropolished and high purity coiled tubing. Cardinal coiled tubing yields fewer welds, quicker installation, and easy validation with on-line MTRs.

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Part Description System:
Tubing, Fittings, Dual Containment

Dimensional Specifications Brochure (Print-friendly PDF)
  • Coax Tubing

    Containment tubing and fittings provide safe distribution of volatile or toxic gases. In the unlikely event of a leak in the process tube the hazardous gas/fluid is contained by the outer tube and evacuated for safe disposal.

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  • Coiled Tubing, Electropolished Tubing
    Coiled Tubing

    Coiled EP tubing meets the same specifications and quality control as our stick tubing. EP coil can reduce or eliminate intermediate welds in long sub-fab runs.

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  • Heated Tubing
    Heated Tubing

    EP Pak uses the same UHP critical tubing (including dual containment configurations) Cardinal is known for in a pre-insulated and electrically heated bundle. EP Pak is delivered in long continuous spools. “Shorts” from 20’ stick tubing is eliminated and your efficiency improves.

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