Quick Connect

Quick and Easy installation of Ultra High Purity (UHP) tubing with the NEW Quick Connect VCR metal gasket face seal fittings.

No Welding 
Quick installation and configuration for piping in labs, research facilities, or any facility using high purity tubing.

If you manage a laboratory, research facility, or contamination sensitive facility and find yourself relying on outside contractors to make all your piping changes, Cardinal Quick Connect assemblies offer a much easier do-it-yourself solution. 

Order with 1/8” or 1/4" tubing that is cleaned and passivated or electropolished to semiconductor specifications. Each quick connect assembly can be from 1 – 1,000* feet long. Choose male or female VCR connections or even flat cut and faced tube ends.

quick connect

To build a part number - select one from each column.
End 1 Tube Length (inches) End 2
MV Male VCR 02020CF - Passivated 1/8" x 0.020 316ss similar to T10 spec   012 - 999 MV Male VCR 
FV Female VCR  02020EP - EP 1/8" x 0.020 316ss similar to T50 spec   FV Female VCR 
UF Unfinished   04035CF - Passivated 1/4" x 0.035 316ss similar to T10 spec    UF Unfinished  
  04035EP - EP 1/4" x 0.035 316ss similar to T50 spec     

Part Number:  Description 
MV02020CF120MV   10' Quick Connect - Passivated 1/8" x 0.020 316ss Tech 10 tubing, Male VCR fittings.
MV02020EP120FV 10' Quick Connect - Electropolished 1/8" x 0.020 316ss Tech 10 tubing, Male and Female VCR fittings.

* Maximum Available Length

  • 1/8” Passivated – 1,000’ max. length
  • 1/8” Electropolished – 100’ max. length
  • 1/4" Passivated – 1,000’ max. length
  • 1/4" Electropolished – 330’ max. length